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3D Consult was founded in 2002 and the company is located in Tallinn.

Main fields of activity include providing of accounting service to commercial organizations, non-profit associations and sole proprietors.

Secondary field of activity includes providing of legal assistance service. This gives the client a possibility to receive a complex service both in accounting as well as legal assistance from one and the same partner well familiar with the situation and needs of the client.

The clients of 3D Consult are above all small and medium-size entrepreneurs, whose document volume is too small for hiring an accountant. You don’t have to incur expenses for the furnishing of the office for the accountant or acquiring accounting software. You also save on the social tax and value added tax payable on the salary of the accountant.

Although we are located in Tallinn, our practice has shown that with today’s connection servicing entrepreneurs all over Estonia causes no problems.

With best wishes,
3D Consult


Accounting service
The service entails everyday arrangement of the client’s accounting.
Job management
We conclude a contract with all our clients. The entrepreneur is responsible for collecting initial documents. We will take care of all the rest. The objective is not only data insertion and reporting to the Tax Board, but personal approach to every client.

Evaluating the peculiarity of the specific company, we also offer solutions how to document one or another economic transaction. Different software programs also enable to provide information on the economic indicators of the company in the form selected by the client.

It is also possible to provide the service at the site.

In more detail the accounting service includes the following:

  • preparing of internal procedure rules and account chart of accounting.
  • inspection of the formal correspondence of the initial documents to the legal acts regulating accounting.
  • preservation of systematically arranged documents until the ending of the contract.
  • reflection of initial documents in different registers in the procedure established in the Accounting Act.
  • value added tax, income tax and social tax calculation.
  • payroll accounting.
  • provision of information on the economic indicators of the clients in accordance with the wish of the client.
  • preparing of reports and their submission to the Tax Board in accordance with the procedure and terms established in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
  • preparing of reports and their submission to the Commercial Register and Statistical Office in accordance with the procedure and terms established in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
  • preparing of the annual report.
  • representation of the client in the Tax Board.
  • providing of accounting-related consultation.

Other accountings services (non-repetitive nature)

  • arrangement of earlier periods.
  • restoring of accounting.
  • preparing of annual reports.
  • representation of the client in the Tax Board.
  • Price agreed depending on the work volume.

Legal assistance service
The service above all includes counseling of the accounting client upon all kinds of legal problems related to entrepreneurship. The price of the service depends on the volume and peculiarity of work.


Commercial organizations

The price of the accounting service directly depends on the number of initial documents (not entries) in a calendar month. Although most of the accountings companies tie the price of the service to the number of entries, we are of the opinion that it is rather misleading for the entrepreneur and does not enable price inspection by the entrepreneur.

Initial documents include the following:
sales invoice, purchase invoice, cash receipt, payroll sheet, cash revenue voucher, cash expenditure voucher, amortization and inventory act of commodity or fixed assets.

0 – 30 initial document(s) 65 EUR + VAT 20%
31 – 60 initial documents 83 EUR + VAT 20%)
61 – 100 initial documents 115 EUR + VAT 20%
101 – 150 initial documents 140 EUR + VAT 20%
151 – 200 initial documents 179 EUR + VAT 20%
201 – 250 initial documents 211 EUR + VAT 20%
251 and more according to the mutual agreement

The following will be added to the price based on the initial documents:

Every employee 3,20 EUR + VAT 20% per month
Preparing of the annual report from 65 EUR + VAT 20% (once a year)


3D Consult OÜ

Address: Väike-Ameerika 8, Tallinn 10129

Phone: +372 52 24 903



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