Our service includes the daily preparation of all accounting-related issues for companies operating in Estonia or Finland. Depending on the needs of companies, we can also provide a financial manager and chief accountant service. Our clients prefer using such services when they are still trying to grow and develop and still lack the necessary means to take on a full-time specialist.

We use Merit financial software when providing our services and Merit’s cloud-based platform also enables clients to prepare sales invoices themselves.

Our standard accounting service includes

  • Development of internal accounting rules and drawing-up of the chart of accounts
  • Compliance check of original document with applicable legislation
  • Systematic preservation of documents until the end of the contract
  • Displaying original documents in various registers pursuant to the procedure provided in the Accounting Act
  • Calculation of value added tax, income tax and social tax
  • Payroll preparation
  • Providing information about the client’s economic indicators as requested by the client
  • Drawing-up and submitting reports to the Tax and Customs Board according to the procedure and terms provided in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia
  • Drawing-up and submitting reports to the Business Register and Statistics Estonia according to the procedure and terms provided in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia
  • Drawing-up annual reports
  • Representing the client with the Tax and Customs Board in relation to the provided accounting services
  • Provision of accounting consultation in relation to the client’s economic activities

Other accounting services (nonrecurrent)

  • Organising the accounting of past periods
  • Restoration of accounting
  • Drawing-up annual reports
  • Representing the client with the Tax and Customs Board

Prices upon agreement and depending on the volume of work.

What are our core values when providing accounting services?

We are always available

Unlike a hired accountant who may not be able to work for one reason or another, we ensure a continuous accounting service.

Flexibility in volume

As a company we can react to increases and decreases in accounting volumes swiftly and without trouble.

We cooperate

Depending on the needs of the client we are prepared to provide partial accounting services, e.g. assist the client’s in-house accountant with particular work sections.

We contribute

We have a personal approach to each client – our goal is about more than simply data entry and providing the Tax and Customs Board with the necessary reports. We contribute and come up with solutions for documenting economic transactions. We are able to prepare various summaries of data in order to better analyse the information. Thanks to various software solutions, we can also provide information about the company’s economic indicators in the format that is preferred by the client.

Why should a company operating in Finland use the accounting services of an Estonian provider?

It is not correct to assume that membership of the European Union automatically means similar applicable accounting and reporting legislation.

In reality, Nordic accounting laws – and this includes Finland – differ greatly from those of Estonia. This includes basic things such as payroll calculation and reporting. By engaging the services of an Estonian-based accounting company you will most likely receive a more affordable service and will also be able to receive clear answers to your questions in Estonian.

Where to start?

  • Ask for an offer by calling us or using the contact form on our website
  • We enter into a contract for the provision of accounting services with all of our clients
  • The work of entrepreneurs is to collect original documents, we take care of the rest

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